Green Initative


The Concept

Our concept is quiet simple; least that's what we think!

At Ez Buy we believe if we bring forth vital and concise information to the finger tips of our cherished team members World-Wide, they too; will become more committed to do their part (as little as it may be) in environmental preservation and sustainability.

We have taken a bold approach in our bottom-up approach that lies heavily, in a familiar model known as Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Management.

Simply by putting the Environment first and foremost.

Let's stop and think for a second! Can there be any sustainability and or sustainable development when catastrophic environmental degeneration exist?

The environment is the foundation on which health and safety stands. Therefore, to destroy the environment (nature/natural resources) is to destroy ones health; to destroy ones health is to destroy their fundamental sense of safety and overall well being at which point security is useless.

Nature has enough to satisfy everyone's need but
has not enough to satisfy man's greed-Mahatma Gandhi.

Admittedly, we are not the experts in this field. However, we all are part of a global network and unless we jointly commit to environmental preservation the same may never be achieved read more...

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