Samsung Keystone 2 E1205Q

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  • Simple and Compact Design
  • Convenient and Easy to use
  • Comfortable Viewing

Simple & Compact Design

Form matches function with a simple, uncluttered modern design. Spare and simple bar form with eye-catching colour contrast edging adds a touch of style. Unique scalloped surface back design provides better grip. Slim and compact dimensions make it easy to hold and carry, providing a nice, comfortable grip.

Simple & Compact Design

MP3 ringtones

Outfitted with MP3 ringtones for full and nice-sounding tones that alert you to incoming calls and messages.

MP3 ringtones

Convenient & Easy to Use

New rubber anti-dust keypad is both designed for utmost usability and offers a dust-resistance surface that keeps your handset clean and as good as new. Superior 5-way navigation key centralizes all the most popular functions on the phone into one convenient place, easy to control and use. You'll revel at how easy it is to access your important functions including call history and phone contacts -- press one button and you're there.

Convenient & Easy to Use

Comfortable Viewing

Indulge in a large full-size screen in clear vivid colour -- what a contrast to the drab b&w offered by other entry-level phones. No need to compromise your viewing experience when you can enjoy a generously sized display that is more readable, more crisp in full living colour. Improved user interface with improved layout is easy to navigate and lets you move from screen to screen seamlessly. You'll enjoy an extra energy boost from the more powerful battery that provides longer talk time and longer usage between recharges.

Comfortable Viewing


Dimension of GT-E1207DAYXFE


  • Multi-SIM
  • SIM size
    Full-size (FF)
  • Infra
    2G GSM
  • 2G GSM
    GSM (900 / 1,800MHz)


  • Earjack
    S20 Pin
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